Form GSTR-1  The return form GSTR-1 is for furnishing details of outward supplies by every registered taxpayers under regular scheme .

This form is not required to be filed by a registered person having category as Input Service Distributor, Non-resident Taxable person , Composition dealer U/s 10 of CGST Act , Person responsible for deducting TDS U/s 51 of CGST Act , or person responsible for collecting TCS U/s 52 of CGST Act .

The due date to file this form is bifurcated and the small taxpayers have an option to file the return in Form GSTR1 quarterly.

The due date to file GSTR1 for persons other than small taxpayers and small taxpayers opting for monthly filing is 11th of the following month .

For small taxpayers the due date for filing GSTR1 is the 30th of the following quarter

Small Taxpayers means a taxpayer having aggregate turnover in the preceding financial year or during the current year for new registration less than one crore and fifty lacs .

The details furnished in GSTR1 by the supplier under B2B category in GST Portal shall be reflected in the corresponding GSTR2A of the recipient.

The form in GSTR1 may be amended by the supplier if any error , omission is committed in the month in which such mistake was identified . But the last date to amend the details of GSTR1 by a registered taxpayer shall be the earlier of the following dates :

The date of furnishing annual return in Form GSTR 9 OR

The date of filing return U/s 39 in Form GSTR3B for the September month following the year to which transaction is related to.

Currently , late fees has not been implemented in GST Portal for late filing of GSTR1 . The GST Council in his recent meeting has recently waived the late fee for filing GSTR1 from July 17 to November 19 if to is filed before 10.01.2020. After that late fees may be implemented for GSTR1 also in GST Portal.

Form GSTR2A – This is a read only document which is auto populated on the basis of GSTR1 filed by the supplier . The details which has been uploaded under B2B Category by the supplier is shown here . The form GSTR2A auto populates the purchase details , credit and debit notes details , TDS and TCS details , ISD Credits received details by the receiver . It also auto populates the amendment is respect of Purchase details and credit and debit notes uploaded by the supplier in his GSTR1.

At present , no action is required to be taken by the recipient on the basis of GSTR2A as it is a read only document .This document shows the status of filing GSTR1 by the supplier . Through this form the purchaser shall reconcile his claim of input tax credit on the invoices which were uploaded. The ITC of invoices which were not uploaded by supplier and not shown in GSTR2A shall be restricted to

20 % of uploaded invoices as per Rule 36(4). In the 38th GST Council meeting this limit was reduced to 10% which awaits notification.

It can be downloaded in JSON as well as excel format for the purpose of reconciliation in the GST Portal.



Form GSTR3B – This is the return form introduced as a temporary arrangement at the time of implementation of GST in India . Eventually, this return form GSTR3B has been made compulsory for filing in order to collect revenue and to ease the filing process of gst returns as mandated by the GST Act .

GSTR3B is a summary return in which every regular registered taxpayer has to furnish details pf outward supply made , claim Input Tax Credit in respect of purchase made , Pay the liability of reverse charge basis if any and declare the exempt supplies made and acquired during the tax period.

This form must be filed monthly before 20th of the following month . The output tax liability shall be adjusted with the Input Tax Credit claimed and the net tax payable if any shall be paid in cash . The excess itc after adjustment shall be carried forward to next tax period .

Late fess for belated filing of GSTR3B is Rs 50 per day if there is transaction in  the tax period and Rs 20 if it is a NIL return .

Form GSTR4 – This is quarterly form for filing details of supplies by the composition taxpayers U/s 10 of CGST Act. This form was required to be filed upto FY 2018-19 which was replaced with Form CMP 08 from FY 2019-20 to ease the filing process.

In GSTR4 currently CMP 08 , only outward supply and inward supply liable to reverse charge on which tax liability has arisen shall be declared in the return form .

The GSTR4 is required to filed annually from the FY 2019-20.The due date to file GSTR4 was 18th of following quarter in which the transaction was done . Now CMP 08 is required to be filed and the due date remains the same as for GSTR4 .

The due date to file annual GSTR4 is 30th April following the end of Financial Year to which the transaction relates.

Form GSTR-5  The form GSTR5 is to be filed by the Non resident Taxable person . The due date to file GSTR5 is 20th of following month to which the details pertain.

Form GSTR-5A – This form is to be filed by the person supplying online information and database access retrieval services by a person located outside India to a non taxable person in India. The due date to file this form is also 20th of the following month.

Form GSTR 6 – This is form for distributing the Input on services by the Input Service Distributors to its branches. The due date to file this form is 13th of the following month .

Form GSTR 7 – This form is required to be filed by every person registered in GST and is liable to deduct TDS as per the provisions of Section 51 of CGST Act. The details of tax deducted has to be uploaded in GSTR7 by the deductor before 10th of the following month in which deduction was made.

Form GSTR8 – This form is required to be filed by every person registered in GST and is liable to Collect TCS as per the provisions of Section 52 of CGST Act. The details of tax collected  has to be uploaded in GSTR8 by the collector before 10th of the following month in which collection was made.

Form GSTR9 – This is the annual return for the regular registered taxpayers in GST. It has to be filed by every registered person as per section 44 of CGST Act . For the FY 2017-18 and 2018-19 , it has been decided by CBIC that person having turnover below 2 crores will have an option to file this form .

The due date for filing GSTR9 was 31st December of the following Financial Year . For FY 2017-18 date has been extended till 31.01.2020 in the GST Council meeting held on 18th December 2019.

The due date for filing GSTR9 for FY 2018-19 has been extended till 31.03.2020.

Form GSTR 9A – This is the form for Annual return to be filed by every composition taxpayers in GST. The due date is 321st December of the following Financial Year . For 1718 due date is extended till 31.01.2020 and for FY 1819 it is extended till 31.03.2020

Form GSTR9C – GSTR9C is a reconciliation and audit statement which shall be filed by the every registered taxpayers in GST if his aggregate turnover in the preceding financial year exceeds Rupees Two Crore .

Due date is same as for filing GSTR9.

Form GSTR-10 – This is the final return which must be filed by a person registered in GST in case of cancellation of GSTIN . This form must be filed within 90 days of the cancellation order.

Form GSTR11 – This is the statement of inward supplies by persons having UIN

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