Steps to Apply for GST Registration online in GST Portal.

GST Registration can be applied online in GST Portal  by Filing Form GST REG -16 which comprises of two Parts, PART-A and Part B

Steps to file Part – A to get Temporary Reference Number (TRN) which is active for 15 days from Generation.

Step-1    Visit the GST Portal for registration.

Step-2    On the GST Portal, go to Services Tab and Select Registration    and Click on New Registration Link.

Step–3   A window will appear , Select New Registration option in the window.

Step-4    Fill the details required in the form: In First Column of the Part -A,  Select the category of Taxpayer whether you are –

                   Taxpayer – Regular,Composition,Casual Person

                  Tax Deductor (TDS) , 

                   Tax Collector (TCS) , 

                   GST Practitioner ,

                   Non Resident Taxable Person ,

                   United Nation Body,

                   Consulate or Embassy of Foreign Country  ,

                   Other Notified Persons,

                   Non Resident Online Service Provider.

In this article we will discuss about the steps for GST Registration in case of Taxpayer and other categories will be discussed in next post.

Step-5    Select the name of State and name of District in which GST Registration is required from the drop down Menu.

Step–6    Enter the Legal Name of Business (as mentioned in PAN). The legal name of business is different from the Trade name of business. Legal Name of Business must match with the profile details of the taxpayers in the income tax website.

Step-7    Enter the Permanent Account Number (PAN) belonging to the Legal Name of Business mentioned in Step 6.

Step-8    Enter the active email id and active Mobile Number which will be registered on the gst portal for verification purposes for GST Registration, GST Return filing, or any other work on GST Portal.

Step-9    Click on the Proceed Button and enter the One Time Password received.

Now the TRN is generated will is required to file Part B of Registration Application form.

Steps to File Part –B of GST registration application Form

Step-1    Visit GST Portal and go to services Tab and Select New Registration            

Step-2    Now select Temporary Reference Number generated in Part A above to open the application form for filing..

Step-3    Click on the Pencil Button to open the GST Registration Form .

Step-4    In the Business Details Tab , Fill the details related to Business as per the required fields . Select the Central and State Jurisdiction depending on the address of place of business for which registration is required.

To find the Central and State Jurisdiction for GST Registration Click This Link .

Step-5    If the GST registration is applied for Composition Taxpayers U/s 10 of CGST Act or as a Casual Taxable Person then select the options. For regular taxpayers nothing needs to be done.

Step-6    Now Reason for Obtaining GST registration along with date of liability and commencement date of business is required to be filed. Reason has to be selected depending on the facts that whether the person is liable to take registration or voluntary registration is required etc.

Step-7    If any existing GST Registration is already there then details must be provided in the next Tab of Existing Registration,

Step-8    In the Promoter/Partner Tab,  Details of the Proprietor in case of Proprietorship firm , All the Partners in case of Partnership Firm , All the Directors in Case of Company must be provided as per the details mentioned in PAN as per Income Tax Website and Aadhar as per UIDAI and Photo of each of the promoter , partner , director etc.

Step-9    In case any third person is appointed as the Authorized Signatory then details of such person along with Authorization form and his photo must be uploaded and selected as PRIMARY AUTHORISED signatory.

Step-10 If GST Practitioner is also appointed then details needs to be filed in the Authorized Representative Tab with his GSTP Number.

Step-11 The address from where the business will be carried on will be the registered place of business for which the details needs to be entered in Place of Business Tab and Ownership documents has to be uploaded such as

                                          Electricity Bill,

                                          Rent Agreement ,

                                          Sale Deed etc.

Step-12  If any additional place of business is required to be registered then address of such premises must be given by activating Additional Place Tab .

Step-13  Select the applicable nature of work to be done by the business for which GST registration is required : 

                                         Whether Trading ,

                                         Manufacturing ,


                                         Service Providers etc

Step-14  Provide Major Goods and Services details to be done by the business . It is not mandatory to give all the details in the GST registration form

Step-15  In the Last Step Select Authorised Signatory and submit the form with EVC , DSC and Application Reference Number will be generated after the validations of personal details is successfully done by the portal.


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