Form GST REG-01 – This form is for taxpayers. Every person who wish to take registration in GST shall file this form online on GST Portal. This form can be used for taking registration under composition scheme and as a casual taxable person also.

Form GST REG 03 – This form is  for tax official . This form is a notice for seeking clarification or any additional information or document required in respect of GST REG 01 filed by taxpayer. The reply to this notice has to be given in seven days of receipt.

Form GST REG 04 – This is the form available for taxpayers. Through this form reply to the notice seeking clarification in REG 03 has to be given by the taxpayers within the time limit. If it is not given in time, the registration application shall be rejected by the tax official.

Form GST REG -05 – This is the form available for tax official. This is an order for rejection of registration application if the particulars and documents provided for registration was not as per the requirements. It also includes rejection of amendment or cancellation of registration application filed by applicant or taxpayers.

Form GST REG 06– This is the form for registration certificate issued by tax official to taxpayers. Upon approval of the registration application the certificate of registration is issued and a GSTIN is granted.

Form GST REG 07– This is the registration application for taxpayers who are liable to deduct TDS u/s 51 or collect TCS us/ 52 of GST Act.

Form GST REG -08 – This is the form for tax official . This form is for cancellation order passed by the official if the person registered U/s 51 or U/s52 (TDS or TCS) does not comply with the provisions of the Act or has applied for cancellation of registration.

Form GST REG -09 This form is the application for registration for the Non Resident taxable persons in GST


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Form GST REG 10 – This is the application form for applying gst registration by persons supplying Online Information and Database retrieval Access Services. From a place outside India to a registered person in India .

Form GST REG 11– This form is used for requesting extension of registration period for a Casual Taxable Person and Non-resident Taxable person.

Form GST REG 12– This is for the tax official and issued for granting temporary registration on suo mot basis. This registration is used for making taxes / penalties payment after detention of vehicle or penalty is required to be paid a person who is not liable to register in this act or is not registered

Form GST REG 13 – Registration application form for taxpayers for Grant of unique identity number to UN Bodies.

Form GST REG 14– This form is for filing amendment (Both Core and Non Core) by all the registered taxpayers. This is to be filed when any modification, addition , deletion is required to be made in the registration certificate issued to them.

Form GST REG 15 – In response to the application in REG 14, tax official issues order of amendment in REG 15 . After that the details are accordingly amended in the registration certificate with such date as may be mentioned there in .

Form GST REG 16 – This form may be used by the taxpayers who wish to file for cancellation of registration on voluntary basis. Voluntary cancellation can be applied if the business is not liable to get registration or the owner of the business has died, the business is transferred to some other persons etc.

Form GST REG 17 –This is the form for Tax Official. This is the show cause notice for cancellation issued to the taxpayers who has not filed the GST Returns for the six tax periods.

Form GST REG 18 –  This form issued for furnishing reply to the show cause notice issued in Form GST REG 17 for cancellation of registration.

Form GST REG 19 – This is the order for cancellation of registration by the tax official. If no reply has been furnished for GST REG 17 or the reply furnished is not satisfactory then order for cancellation of registration is issued in GST REG 19. This order is also issued in response to voluntary application for cancellation of registration.

Form GST REG 20 – This is the order for dropping cancellation proceedings initiated by the tax officials . If the reply to the show cause notice issued for cancellation of registration is found satisfactory or the default has been made good , then cancellation proceeding is dropped through this form.

Form GST REG – 21 – If the GSTIN of any registered taxpayers has been cancelled by the tax official  due to non-filing of gst return for six tax periods or for any default resulting in cancellation then this form may be filed for restoration of such cancelled GSTIN. Before filing this form all the pending returns upto the date of filling must be filed or the default must be made good.

Form GST REG 22 – After filing revocation application the tax official upon scrutiny and verification issues order for revocation of cancelled GSTIN in this form.

Form GST REG 23 – If the application for filing revocation of cancelled GSTIN is not found satisfactory or if all the returns has not been filed along with the payment of tax , interest,  late fee, then such application may be rejected by the tax official . The Show Cause notice  for rejection is issued in this form.

Form GST REG 24 – Reply to the Show Cause Notice issued in Form GST REG 23 has to made in this form .

Form GST REG 30– Form for field report by the tax official at the time of physical verification for done  for new registration or otherwise.


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