GSTN issues Advisory for Composition Taxpayers

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and challenges faced by taxpayers, Government has extended dates for opting for composition scheme by normal taxpayers, for the financial year 2020-21. These are notified in Notifications 30/2020 Central Tax, dated 03.04.2020. Circular No. 136/06/2020-GST dated 3rd April, 2020 has also been issued.

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Existing Normal taxpayers who want to opt for Composition Scheme in Financial Year 2020-21 may note following changes:
  1. Revised date to file Form GST CMP 02: Normal and registered taxpayers who want to opt in for Composition in FY 2020-21 can apply in Form GST CMP-02 by 30th June 2020.
  2. No GSTR 1 or 3B must be filed in 2020-21 financial year for associated PAN: The taxpayers SHOULD NOT file any GSTR-1/GSTR-3B, for any tax period of FY 2020-21, from any of the GSTIN on the associated PAN, or else they will not be able to opt for composition scheme for FY 2020-21.
  3. No need for re-opting for the composition scheme: The taxpayers who are already in composition scheme, in previous financial year are not required to opt in for composition again for FY 2020-2021.
  4. Revised date to file Form GST ITC 03: Form GST ITC-03 to reverse ITC for the stock in hand at the time of transition can be filed till 31st July, 2020.
    Thus , If you are sure that you will not for composition scheme for FY 20-21 , then only it is advised to file GSTR3B and GSTR1 for the period April , May and June 2020. If return has been filed for the said period than the associated PAN will not be allowed to opt for composition scheme which is extended till 30.06.2020.

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